Following scaling and root planning, you can expect to notice less redness, less bleeding, and less swelling of your gum tissues. Your teeth may feel smoother, and your mouth will taste and feel better. Your gum health must be maintained with proper homecare, as instructed, and regular professional care.


Be careful not to bite your own lips / tongue

Be sure not to brush or floss the area that treatment has been performed on until your follow up appointment with us. The prescribed mouth rinse is anti-bacterial and is sufficent. Brush all teeth not involved in todays surgery. Do brush and floss the rest of your teeth.

You may rinse with warm salt water to reduce the pain

Stir no more than ¼ teaspoonful of table salt and ¼ teaspoonful of baking soda into a cup of warm water to use as your rinse solution. This will help sooth any gum tissues that may be tender after the root planning procedure.

Post-cleaning sensitivity

It is not unusual for the teeth to be more sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, and/or sweets. This occurs as the gum tissue heals and shrinks in size. Brushing 2-3 times daily with sensitivity toothpaste or using fluoride rinses may help alleviate this over time. If sensitivity continue or is severe, professional application of desensitizing agent may be required.

Continue to maintain your oral hygiene

Consistent and thorough daily oral hygiene is essential to the proper healing of your gum tissues. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing with recommended products are critical.

Additional treatment

If a localized antibiotic was placed, please follow all additional instructions given to you at your appointment.


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