Orthodontic treatment at Opal Dental

Crooked and uneven smile could lead to aesthetic problems, furthermore affecting patients’ confidence in daily life. At Opal Dental, we provide fixed and removable orthodontics to both adults and children.

Unlike the stereotypes of traditional braces, modern orthodontics is about the most effective, comfortable and even invisible solutions. Today, orthodontic treatment is even more patient-oriented than ever before, meaning there are many different types of braces available for different cases. Not only can you straighten your teeth, as well as widen your smile.

At Opal Dental, we pride ourselves in providing the best orthodontic treatments.

Non-Cosmetics Benefits

Orthodontic treatment has many non – cosmetic benefits. If your teeth are misaligned, simple things such as maintaining good oral hygiene can be very difficult. Teeth that are crooked may cause ‘food traps’, which are difficult to clean leading to plaque and tartar build-up around teeth and gums. This condition can cause not only oral health problems but problems to your overall health too.

Orthodontic treatment also improves occlusion force balance, in which bring extensive advantages to teeth sustainability. Well aligned teeth distribute more even mastication force, moreover preventing teeth from crack and fracture.

Orthodontics can also be used to treat other health problems, such as a cleft lip/ palate or cases of Sleep Apnoea.

Orthodontics at Opal Dental