Be sure not to brush or floss the area that treatment has been performed on until your follow up appointment with us. The prescribed mouth rinse is anti-bacterial and is sufficent. Brush all teeth not involved in todays surgery. Do brush and floss the rest of your teeth.
Do not rinse your mouth today. Please begin using your prescribed mouthrinse tomorrow morning after breakfast. Try to keep your mouth at rest as much as possible. No heavy exercise for 36 hours.
Avoid hot food and drink for the next 24 hours. Avoid foods that are hot, spicy, sharp, or hard (apples, potato chips, carrots, french bread, etc.), after procedure do not drink through a straw until the dressing and sutures are removed next week. Eat a nutritionally balanced meal, but try to do all of your chewing on the opposite side of your mouth. A light diet is recommended for the first day.
As soon as you get the chance, apply ice in a bag to the cheek overlying the surgical site. Apply ice for 15 minutes, and then follow with a 15 minute break. This will keep the swelling to a minimum. Please do this for 2-3 hours. For an extraction, do this for 6 hours.
Elevate your head while sleeping and cover the pillow with a towel.
The periodontal dressing (pink perio-pack) may be placed for your comfort. Do not be concerned if half or more of the dressing falls out.
Mild discomfort can be managed with ibuprofen (advil) or acetominophen (tylenol) every four hours. If a narcotic pain reliever has been prescribed – please eat first, and take as directed only when necessary. Please do not take aspirin. If an antibiotic and\or periogard (or another mouth rinse) has been prescribed, be sure to take the medication as directed.
If there is some oozing of blood….. Do not rinse. Moisten a gauze pad or a tea bag with water. Place it over the area and hold it firmly for 30-45 min. Repeat if necessary. For an extraction site, slight bleeding may occur for up to 2 days.
Smoking will significantly impair proper healing!
Discomfort, loose teeth, and sensitivity to cold are sometimes associated with the post-surgical healing period. This will decrease over time.

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