When you think about dentistry, you might think about your teeth and your gums. In reality, dentists deal with all of the structures that make up your face and your mouth, including your jaw. And sometimes, a disease or an injury can impact these delicate structures. When that happens, you might need surgery. Opal Dental can help.

At Opal Dental, we offer oral surgery to address problems inside the mouth. Our oral surgeons are board-certified or board-qualified with advanced training in their areas of expertise. In other words, their education and experience are hard to beat. We keep you safe during surgery.

We have skilled surgeons with modern technology to carry out even the most complex procedures, ranging from wisdom teeth removal, oral cyst removal until corrective jaw surgery. But the personal attention we provide makes our department special. At Opal Dental, you're never just a number. Our team will be eager to get to know you, so we can provide individualized care before, during and after surgery.